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In Roundgrid, we love what we do. I specialize in front-end and back-end production web sites and digital services company. Creativity is important core of my work, I create experiences that transform your business identity, business grows and improve the lives of people.

I Listen

With the aim to building long term relationships, we start all our projects with a conversation. Understanding your brand and requirements in a digital environment is key to us moving forward together. We help you embrace this ever changing digital landscape and make the process of creation fun and rewarding . All this to the taste of great coffee.

I Share

We share our ideas and thoughts with you to make sure you are an integral part of this loop. This discussion is open and honest, expect to be challenged and pushed as we create solutions that are dynamic and bespoke to your needs.

I Think

No big decisions should be made straight away and fully analysing your requirements and constructing a solid plan of moving forward is our first step. Our expertise in usability and user interaction and experience come into play in creating solutions that target your market and create emotional responses from your audiences.

I Create

We assemble our teams on a project by project basis, making sure you receive a tailored service for your job. Using a structured process we create timeframes of design, development, testing and completion that is open and transparent allowing you to be confident in the process and that we meet your deadlines.

The Designer

Victor Coronel

Founder / Project Lead

I am devoted to detail, enamored with history and believe in combining traditional values I learned as a free-hand artist with those of design.




Wordpress / MySQL / PHP


Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign / Flash


Prezi / Vizio / keynote / Office Suite


Rhino / Sketchup / Autocad / Revit