Maite Granda is an interior designer based in Miami serving locally and the world. She is always creating luxurious interiors that wet the appetite with color and texture. Her drive is to always be creative while maintaining a zen balance of design.


Responsiveness was the major concern, from the get-go, for this customer so his portfolio looks beautiful in all screens (e.g. desktop, iPads, and smartphones).
We did a lot of testing to accomplish this feature taking into account the most popular devices in the market.

Case Study

Maite Granda wanted a playful design for her webpage to portrait her as she is: a creative designer with no fear for trying new things, a passionate artist in love with style and openness, and a human being directly connected with nature. She brought the design direction to its center in every conversation, by phone or in person, by always making emphasis on the child playing.

True Power

Our design process is as basic
as it can be: pen and paper.

Simple Layout

Less is more found true meaning in our way of design.

Beyond Simple

We take simple to the next level without been distracting.

Contact Us

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Maite Granda Layout

These are typical page layouts for this job. You will never get to experience a full birdview of the pages as presented here, but it allows you to see what the job typically is in design mode. Based on this overall capture we can tell what works and what does not.

Home Page Layout

Home Layout, Part II

About Us Layout

Contact Us Layout

Process Layout

Services Layout

Before and After Layout

Press Layout

Portfolio Layout

Single Portfolio Layout

Single Portfolio Layout

Behind Scenes Layout


This website, being built in WordPress 4.7.5, brings the flexibility of a typical Content Management System (CMS) allowing the owner/editor to make changes on his own. From the backend, the owner has full control over all processes from beginning to end including exchanging images, text, categories and adding new posts to the blog.

All images have specific ratios and proportions. Owner was provided with mockups to avoid inconsistency in the design intent. This is very important when the designer is not involved in further maintenance of images, text, and the layout itself but rather this tasks are returned to the client or someone else.


CMS WordPress Website/ Maite Granda

What We Did

Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography Retouching

What We Learned

We love Maite Granda’s works! She is an amazing interior designer and we enjoyed going through the endless list of projects and seeing in her work the commitment to do better again and again. We think having such beautiful portfolio it makes a lot easier to create something beautiful.